Mimi's Whole Grain is a Benefit Corporation

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- Richmond
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LulusLocalFood.comLittle House Green Grocery

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Little House Green Grocery (Northside)
Union Market (Church Hill)
Black Hand Coffee (Museum District)
Ellwood Thompsons
Whole Foods Market

fresh ground ... always

fresh baked
honey whole-wheat
Virginia's Finest
fiber rich
whole grain
soft texture
buttery soft
packed with nutrients
100% whole wheat
fresh ground
dangerously good cookies
no preservatives
oat groats
Goochland grown
no transfats
the best cinnamon roll ever

Looking for nutrition? Looking for taste? Looking for a way to convince your family to eat more whole grains and fiber?

Mimi's Whole Grain is a locally owned and operated bakery specializing in breads and sweets for your family, always made from fresh ground whole grains. We are growing and this site is under construction, so stay tuned for more - more information on what it means to have great-tasting whole grains, what it means to fuel your body with fresh, local foods, and what it means to be a part of an effort that benefits the community beyond what any of us can do alone.



Email: mimiswholegrain@gmail.com
Phone: 804-307-2332

And no kidding - it's locally grown fresh ground great tasting whole wheat! We're just gonna keep saying that, because it tastes so good that sometimes people forget.