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about Mimi

Mimi's Chronology

Admittedly I was coerced into making bread and bringing it to a Farmer’s Market in June 2010. My wheat farmer wanted to show the buyers what can be done with his local wheat. The pleasant surprise was that people really liked my breads, and came back the next week looking for them.

Within 6 months I had a name, a business number, an inspected kitchen and standing orders.

I’ve been baking with fresh ground wheat for 10 years now, in the early years it was just for my family. We are healthier because of it – good check-ups, rarely even a cold, and when illness passes through the house it comes and goes quickly. We have maintained (and lost) weight without sacrificing the bread in our diet. And yes, we do eat whole grain bread 3 times a day.

To say I am passionate about whole grain eating pretty much covers it. This whole grain doesn’t have to taste like a paper bag – and I totally get why people might be fearful of whole wheat products. Grocery store shopping leads us to think we have to eat whole grain like an OTC medication and force it down with other good tasting things. Mimi’s breads and sweets are SO different. They are soft, yeasty, tasty and unbelievably good. I still LOVE my food, and love the challenge of finding the next great whole grain product.

Mimi's Family

Oh man. I have a great family. I married Russell (a pastor/teacher) 35 years ago and we quickly grew to a family of 5 – Rachael, Jesse and BJ are our pride and joy. Rachael is an accomplished musician, computer-geek, board-gamer, website developer, and keeps a local real estate company viral. Jesse has a professional juggling ministry, and BJ is a worship leader and student.
And we added 2 lovely women: Sarah married Jesse and Cara married BJ. Gotta say, my boys have good taste, I just love those girls. There are 3 grandchildren now: Kezzie, Ian, and Parker, and they are the reason I am called "Mimi."

Over the years I have started a few companies, the most successful was Designs by Maureen, a Custom Interiors Workroom. I love sewing and creating, but that chapter is closing with the economy.

I am also part Slovak. And that means that genetically I can make bread and soup. So that’s what I do. Its my default setting. My grandmother’s words are often in my head: “Why of course you can! Just put some of this in, and some of that … and look … it tastes wonderful.”

Why Mimi’s is different

Very simply, every product on my menu is whole grain. Period. I take the whole seed (mainly wheat and oat right now), send it through my mill, and 100% of the resulting fresh ground flour goes into the recipes for the day. I use a variety of wheatberries and custom blend for the product. I know there’s a tremendous amount of information out there trying to explain the definition of whole grain: where to find it in the ingredient list, how much should be there, how to interpret, look for the grain count, look for the stamp on the front of the bag, etc…..

Oyvey. Let me make your life simpler:

We can help you eat right, because we make whole grain fabulous.