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Mimi's Baby Grains - FAQs

“What makes Mimi's different from other dry baby cereals?”

Instant baby cereals are all pre-cooked grains. They are then dehydrated and flaked for shelf life and ease. Since Mimi's Baby Grains are a natural grain powder, there is no dehydration in the process. All the nutrients are ready for your baby because they have not been processed before packaging.

“There is no iron or vitamin fortification in this cereal. Why?”

The major nutrition for your baby during a Stage 1 diet will still come from breast milk or formula (both are iron-rich and fortified). As your baby eats a more varied diet, the grains will be a part of an overall nutrition profile that includes attention to iron and vitamins. This cereal should not be used as the only source of nutrition for your baby.

“Mimi's seems to have less grain powder than the boxed cereal.”

They both weigh the same - 8oz. Due to the flaking process in commercial preparation, the boxed cereal will look fuller. Mimi's Baby Grains are never flaked, just freshly milled to a powder, so it is much denser - you need less to accomplish more. 8 oz of Mimi's usually yields 25%-30% more servings than boxed baby cereal.