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Baby Grains reviews

Baby's First Food

Mimi's Baby Grains were a big hit for my baby's first solid foods! I was nervous to try it, but she enjoyed every bite (or slurp). The directions are easy to follow, and I had prepared the barley in under 5 minutes. I added 5 of the provided scoops of breast milk to 1 scoop of barley powder. I love the fact that the barley isn't processed with fillers, preservatives, or GMO's - It is simply the pure product, so I know exactly what my baby is eating. That's very important to me.

I also like the simple light-resistant packaging and the fact that a measuring scoop is provided! It's so great that there is a local company that provides 100% organic, whole grain food for baby...and mom! Can't wait to try more products from Mimi's Whole Grains!

Stephanie Ganz
Sales and Marketing, Pizza Tonight

I have been using the product for a month and I am very pleased. It is easy to make and even though it requires a few more minutes to make/cook it cools down quickly after cooking (good for a hungry baby!). My daughter has some reflux and we started cereal early to help with that. I was glad to have a product that was all cereal and no fillers! We have only tried the rice so far but I am anxious to try the other grains also.

Marine wife and mom of two

My son loves Mimi's Baby Grains! I had previously fed him an organic baby cereal that he liked okay but upon getting Mimi's, he much more happily gobbles it up. I couldn't quite figure out the difference but reading the Mimi's website made me aware that the other brand is made of cooked grains that are then dehydrated but Mimi's are whole grains that are not pre-cooked. I think this makes all the difference and he enjoys the fresher, less processed grains!

Mimi's Customer, mom of an organic eater