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Mimi's Baby Grains

Mimi's Baby Grains are not instant cereals, but natural grain powders.

According to a report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, "Makers of baby food encourage a mystique about their products. They want parents to think that commercial baby foods have special properties that make them particularly appropriate, if not essential, for infants."*

So why is Mimi's Baby Grains different?

Mimi's Baby Grains offers a natural, organic, and nutrient-rich addition to your baby's diet. The major nutrition during a Stage 1 diet will still come from breast milk or formula. As your baby eats a more varied diet, Mimi's Baby Grains will be a part of an overall nutrition profile. Once your baby is ready for a Stage 2 diet, Mimi's Baby Grains can be easily added to fruits and vegetables to round out your baby's nutrition.

Another difference from commercial instant baby cereals is that all are pre-cooked grains. They are then dehydrated and flaked for shelf life and ease. Since Mimi's Baby Grains are a natural grain powder, there is no dehydration in the process. All the nutrients are ready for your baby because they have not been processed before packaging.

Mimi's Baby Grains are

... Organic ~ 100% whole grain, powdered for ease of digestion

... Nutrient dense ~ Locally milled and packaged ~ No GMO's

... No BPA packaging ~ Absolutely nothing added

... Full of options ~ Whole Wheat, Oats, Barley, Brown Rice, Quinoa, and Mixed Grain

Recent Mimi's Baby Grains Review

My son loves Mimi's Baby Grains! I had previously fed him an organic baby cereal that he liked okay but upon getting Mimi's, he much more happily gobbles it up. I couldn't quite figure out the difference but reading the Mimi's website made me aware that the other brand is made of cooked grains that are then dehydrated but Mimi's are whole grains that are not pre-cooked. I think this makes all the difference and he enjoys the fresher, less processed grains!

Mimi's Customer, mom of an organic eater

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*Cheating Babies: Nutritional Quality and Cost of Commercial Baby Food
Daryth D. Stallone, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D.