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thinking social - a benefit corporation

Mimi’s is a Benefit Corporation

Inspired by the idea of existing for people, planet, and profit, we are a benefit corporation.

When I was about 10, I laid in bed one night listening to my mom and dad talking to a visitor. Dad had just come home from teaching an evening religion class for teenagers. My mom and dad always had people over, but something was different. So I crept out of bed and peeked around the kitchen door. There was a stranger – a teenage boy eating some leftovers from our dinner. Dad spotted me and he ushered me back into bed. I asked, “Why is he here?”

My dad’s answer was so simple. “He was hungry. He hadn’t eaten in a while.”

Mimi’s donates product weekly to CARITAS. CARITAS is the largest emergency shelter in Richmond and operates VA's only furniture bank. CARITAS mobilizes Greater Richmond through its congregations to protect individuals and families in crisis and empowers those who strive for housing independence.

Here’s how it works

As I fill orders for any given day. I add 10% to that day’s product. That extra product is baked and sent fresh to CARITAS each weekend.

I want to thank you as my customers. We don’t deliver one thing until an order is made. We truly are in this together. In the past, Mimi's has also partnered with The Conrad Center (Freedom House) and Community Shelter, and together, we gave over 600 lbs of breads and cookies in 2011 to The Conrad Center and the Community Shelter.

Whenever you buy from Mimi’s Whole Grain you are literally putting food on the plate of someone who is otherwise unable to have a meal for themselves that day.

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