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whole grain - FAQ

Here're some answers that don’t even need questions, and they are the most often asked:

  1. Yes, this is really 100% whole wheat.
  2. Yes, I bake it by myself. Hopefully this will change in the near future! (No nonsense about outsourcing or robots ... just some additional help.)
  3. Yes, that Chocolate Chip cookie is 100% whole wheat.
  4. No, I have nothing that’s gluten-free. Not possible in my facility.
  5. No, don’t refrigerate it. It will dry out. I’m sorry if your Aunt Ruthie told you to. Don’t.
  6. Yes, all fresh bread products will mold sooner than that big name brand sitting on the next shelf. I use honey a little more generously than most bread recipes and the honey acts as a natural preservative, stretching the shelf life as long as possible.
  7. No, we don’t have anything 100% oat. Its difficult to make oat flour hang together for baking without another flour to hold it together.
  8. Oh yes, I grind my own oats into flour, too. In fact my “Oat-raisin” cookie has no rolled oats. Just fresh ground oat flour.
  9. Yes, the wheat is local, not the other grains. Yet.
  10. Mimi's is not organic. There are many way to eat better: whole grain, non-GMO, organic, fair trade, local, fresh, eco-friendly, etc. Most small companies prioritize the paths of responsibility that can reasonably be done and not price us out of the market. Mimi's has chosen non-GMO, local, community donations, whole grain and fresh. Its just the beginning and we will always be striving to bring the most responsible product to your table.

"We help you eat right."