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Whole Wheat Burger Rolls

Mimi's Honey Whole Wheat Burger RollsMmmm, burgers. Yep, we like them too. And as I've said before, "We help you eat right." How can you eat right with a burger? Start with the bun! Instead of the plain-jane white bread burger roll without much nutritional value, try one of Mimi's Whole Wheat Burger Rolls. Make sure you cut up some colorful veggies for it - tomatoes, avocado (ok I know those are fruits ...), peppers, onions, lettuce, etc. Then head for lean, grain-fed ground beef. (If you need a suggestion, Contact Mimi about a great local butcher with a healthy focus.)


Whole wheat flour, water, canola oil, honey, vital wheat gluten, yeast, sea salt

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Mimi's Honey Whole Wheat Burger Rolls

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Mimi's Honey Whole Wheat Bread Nutrition Facts

Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie/day diet.